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8 bedroom Ilkley hotel gets approval

Plans to open a new 'boutique' hotel at the bottom of Cowpasture Road in Ilkley have been approved by Bradford Council planners.

Part of the former Peter Dyres shop, along with the office space above and a 2 storey rear extension will be turned into a 8 bedroom hotel with a lobby.

The planning officers reports says:

The plans as amended provide 8 bedrooms over four floors. The ground floor will have the reception area with 2 accessible rooms which with a small kitchenette. The first floor will have 2 rooms, also, with a small kitchenette. The back room (room 4) has a slightly larger space with the accommodation split between two rooms. This is replicated at the second floor level. At third floor level, two rooms are indicated, again with a small kitchenette area.

The hotel will be not permanently staffed and building access granted by a secure video/ intercom access control system, online check-in and key card system. Full time on site staff should not be required. The site will be visited by a cleaner as required between 11- 2pm and the reception and communal areas will be monitored by CCTV at a nearby location within Ilkley.

Wharfedale Uniforms have opened a new store in the smaller corner unit which was also part of Peter Dyers.

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