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A heart-warmingly funny and tragic drama opens next week at Ilkley Playhouse

Opening on Thursday [6th July] at Ilkley Playhouse is Abi Morgan's Lovesong.

This love story time-warps us through the forty years' marriage of Maggie and Billy. Their sometimes bumpy relationship is drawing to a close as Maggie’s increasing and terminal frailty forces the couple into making some drastic preparations. The powerful poignancy of the play is ratcheted up by the presence of their younger selves about to begin their journey into a long and childless marriage. Pain is never far away and the constancy of their relationship is tested as the years march on. The two couples share the stage as past and present melt into one. The play is a heart-warmingly funny and tragic drama that speaks to all ages with its exploration of ageing and falling in love, the highs and lows of relationships and making every day count.

The director of the play, Paul Chewins, says “there are plays that you read or see, that stay with you – for months, for years, forever. I first watched Lovesong in 2012 and it has stayed with me ever since. I say ‘watched’ but frankly I could only gaze at the play through tearful eyes; it is deeply moving without being in the least sentimental, achingly sad without being morbid.”

Watch in wonder as Abi Morgan’s beautifully-observed, thought-provoking play unfolds, touching the very heart of the human condition.

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