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Broken barrier gives travellers access to Ilkley swimming pool site

Ilkley district councillors have called for Bradford Council to take proactive action after travellers took advantage of a broken barrier to set up camp in Ilkley at Ilkley Lido and swimming Pool.

Conservative Councillor for Ilkley and Ben Rhydding Andrew Loy and his colleague Councillor Kyle Green successfully worked hard to get a height barrier and preventative measures installed at the Lido.

Cllr Green said he was particularly frustrated that damage to the height barrier was not quickly repaired, which enabled the incursion to take place and will now no doubt cost the council more than simply repairing the height barrier.

In addition to this, the slow progress at installing preventative measures to stop incursions on West Holmes Field have left both councillors hugely frustrated after action was promised earlier this year in a meeting with local residents and District Councillors.

Speaking about this, Cllr Loy said: "Residents are rightly frustrated that they are once again being subjected to littering, aggressive behaviour, and noise disturbances. I have stressed to council officers the urgency of the eviction process and the need to invest in and maintain permanent solutions to prevent future incursions."

Cllr Green added: "Having successfully worked to get barriers installed at the Lido to prevent this kind of incident it is vital that Bradford Council ensures it is proactive in maintaining these measures to maintain their effectiveness. I am also hugely frustrated that the much needed fencing for West Holmes Field has not been installed because the council failed to apply in time for the correct funding pot and this has pushed back installing the fencing."

Bradford Council say it has started the court process to regain possession of the site.


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