Calls for Household Waste Recycling Centres to reopen

Golden Butts HWRC in Ilkley

Both District Councillor Anne Hawkesworth and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore have contacted Bradford Council asking for the Household recycling centres to be reopened as soon at it is safe to do so.

Ilkley's Golden Butts Household Waste Recycling Centre has been closed since 24 March, with HWRC staff across the Bradford district re-allocated to priority areas, including bin collections.

Pressure has been mounting on the council to allow the centres to reopen despite the Covid-19 pandemic, following reports of increased fly-tipping.

Robbie Moore MP has sounded a warning to fly-tippers after his office has been inundated with correspondence from residents across the constituency reporting problems with fly-tipping.

“Enough is enough” says Mr Moore, slamming the fly-tippers by saying “have some respect for the hardworking individuals who have to come along and clean up your mess.”