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Comment: Ilkley Town Councillor changes position on 20mph zone

Peter Mate, Ilkley Town Councillor (Independent) 13 December 2022:

Having attended the Bradford Consultation event on the speed reduction proposals this week, and read all related material, my position as an Ilkley Councillor has changed in relation to the proposed reduction in the speed limit for the town.

- I fully support the proposed reduction of the speed limit from 30 to 20 MPH, on the basis of increased safety for all. I have seen this scheme work very effectively in all the Scottish Borders towns, purely based on signage, without any need for additional traffic calming measures or enforcement of any kind.

- I am totally opposed to commencing such a scheme with any additional calming or enforcement measures…no speed cameras, humps, pillows or cushions. Just signage at entry points to the town. The first year could be a trial period, based on changing the culture and mindset. If effectively monitored, it will indicate clearly the level of compliance, and whether there are particular ‘problem roads’ for continued speeding.

- Only at that third stage should any additional measures (and costs) be considered. At that third stage, of course additional ‘SIDs’ (speed indication devices) and ‘pillows’ could be considered for strategic placing.

Based initially only on additional signage and voluntary compliance, the initial costs of the proposed scheme are dramatically reduced. On that basis, as a Town Councillor, I would withdraw my support for any ITC financial contribution to the Bradford proposal, thus potentially saving approximately £85,000 of Ilkley money. The Bradford costs would be much reduced by the proposed staggered approach.

Bradford Council launched the consultation on Monday and held an in-person event at the Clarke Foley Centre today, Tuesday 13 December. An earlier article on the plans with comments from Robbie Moore MP and District Councillors is available here.

The consultation remains open until January 10 and the plans can be view at Both Bradford Council and Ilkley Town Council encourage residents to look and comment on the plans.


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