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Delight as school active travel path started

Work has started on the new path between Ashlands Primary School and Backstone Way

After months of discussions and work, District Councillor Kyle Green (Con, Ilkley) is thrilled to see a new path between Ashlands Primary School and Backstone Way being built. Having been approached by local residents about the fact they were unable to cross the field by Ashlands Primary School during wet weather because of the issues around how boggy the ground was, Councillor Green was able to get the path included as part of the government’s active travel scheme. The path will be wide enough for those using a double buggy or wheelchair, will aim to reduce the need for families to travel via the A65, and encourage active travel to and from both Ashlands and Sacred Heart Primary schools. Speaking about the path Councillor Green stated: “I am thrilled to see another active travel project I have supported become a reality. We have seen the success of the zebra crossing on Cowpasture Road and I now hope to see this path become equally successful in encouraging active, safe travel to school.

I am thrilled by the level of support both headteachers were able to give and want to express my gratitude for the hard work and support from the council highways officers who supported this project. As we look to address the climate emergency, we need to see active travel encouraged and this path will make this much easier for many parents and carers who take their children to these local primary schools. I also want to thank residents who asked me to look into this and as a parent whose child attends Ashlands I look forward to using the new path myself.”

Councillor Kyle Green


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