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Have your say on Ilkley’s night time offering

Bradford Council is working in partnership with a small research team to improve the evening and night time offering in Ilkley, particularly for younger people.

A spokesperson for the research team said: “This project aims to understand, support, and improve the evening offer in Ilkley, which has been selected as a key focus area by Bradford Council. The recommendations from our research will be used to boost the local economy, grow Ilkley's vibrant culture, as well as strengthen community relationships.

“It would be really valuable to hear your insights, experiences, and any ideas you have for developing fun, safe, and inclusive evening activities in Ilkley! We would like to hear from as many people in the local area as possible to ensure that our recommendations are representative of the community. It would be brilliant if you could share your experiences and suggestions in the below survey - all ideas are welcome!

“The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and will be key in shaping the future of Ilkley. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable, and we would greatly appreciate any responses you can give. It would be amazing if you could also spread this survey amongst your networks (e.g. friends, family, colleagues) so that we hear from as many people as possible! Thank you!”

The survey is available via this link:


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