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Ilkley cafes support free school meals at Christmas campaign

Ilkley's free school meal team is coordinating food parcels for local families over Christmas, Becky Malby explains how residents can help by purchasing a voucher from a local café or making a donation:

“Cafes in Ilkley are supporting the Food Parcels we are providing for 150 families in need in Ilkley over Christmas. If you would like to buy a sandwich and drink you can do so at the participating Cafes - La Stazione, Commute Cafe, Loafer, Cafe J and Thirty Nine Café and Bakery. Just buy a voucher (only a couple of pounds) and we will put them in the Food parcels so families can get out together.

“We are providing parcels with store cupboard food and from the Foodbank, mince pies from Loafer Bakery, fruit and veg donated by supermarkets, Christmas cakes and crackers donated by Ilkley residents, and a supermarket voucher for fresh produce. If you can help us please do continue to donate at the Ilkley Covid Response Hub website, putting in 'Free School Meals' in the message.

“Thank you to all the wonderful Ilkley folk baking cakes - we have 150 cakes promised and crackers for every family. 140 people have volunteered to help - it’s an amazing indication of our Town's Values.

“Bradford Council is also supporting foodbanks and community organisations providing activities and dinners to children over Christmas.“

If you have any questions Becky can be contact by

The organising team are Ilkley Great Get Together, The Ilkley Schools and PTAs, The Ilkley Foodbank, The Churches, La Stazione, with the support of Ilkley Town Council and the Covid Response group.


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