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Ilkley Literature Festival launches The Great Golden Leaf Hunt

Golden tickets for this year's Ilkley Literature Festival are being hidden around town to celebrate the event's 50th anniversary this year.

The Great Golden Leaf Hunt is inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with 50 clues to the locations of 50 Golden Leaf tickets being released online from this Saturday (9th September).

The Golden Leaves will be hidden inside specially chosen books with links to illustrious writers from the Festival’s five-decade history. The first person to find each Golden Leaf will win a free ticket to a 2023 festival event of their choice!

Golden Leaf hunters will need to crack a cryptic literary clue to discover each book’s title, author and location. Books will be scattered across Ilkley town in cafés, shops, community spaces and unexpected corners.

Once a Golden Leaf has been claimed, hunters will still be able to enjoy solving the clues and finding the books, but there’s only 50 free tickets on offer – one for each book – and fastest to find the Golden Leaf wins!

The Ilkley Literature Festival team say by taking part in the Great Golden Leaf Hunt, Ilkley residents and visitors will learn about the festival’s star-studded history and its ongoing commitment to supporting and showcasing great writers. And they’ll have the chance to put their book brains to the test!

You can find out more at


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