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Ilkley Town Council grant scheme opened

Applications are now open for the first round of community grant funding from Ilkley Town Council.

Ilkley Town Council is keen to contribute financial support to projects being developed by community organisations for purposes which strengthen the community and enhance the well-being of residents and their environment, within Ilkley parish.

Applications can be made by community organisations for up to £3,000. These will be considered by The Community Engagement and Partnerships Committee or the Green Spaces, Environment and Sustainability Committee at two meetings of the committees each year.

You should consider which committee you would like to apply to. It is always advisable to discuss your application with the Deputy Clerk at an early stage

The grant scheme criteria and guidance and a copy of the application form are available on the council website Please submit your application form in word format.

For any queries and to return your completed form, please email Cate Perman at:

The deadline for the first round is 15th June 2023. Please note that completed applications, including all supporting documents, must be received by the 15th of the month preceding that in which it will be considered.


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