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JustGiving page to fund funeral plan to honour Tim's life and memory

Big Issue seller Tim Fisher

A JustGiving page has been set up by resident Christine Henney to fund a funeral plan for Tim Fisher.

The page reads:

"Tim Fisher, the seemingly lonely man selling The Big Issue on The Grove opposite Christchurch for several years, passed away peacefully in hospital on Monday.

He was known by many simply as Tim, and to many more as The Big Issue seller.

Tim had led a very colourful early life and was no stranger to illness, but through it all he remained remarkably cheerful.

He had little in the way of material possessions, but he would gladly give what little he had to those he felt were in more need than himself.

He was always grateful for the support he received from his customers, many of whom he was pleased to call his friends.

We are raising money for a funeral plan so that we can honour his life and his memory.

Tim will be sadly missed."


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