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Made with Music launch songs from Ilkley Manor House for LS29 Group

Kathryn Sturman and Hannah Dilworth from Made with Music recording their tracks at the Manor House

Leeds based charity Made with Music is launching the first of four pieces of music recorded ‘as live’ in Ilkley Manor House.

Taking creative inspiration from members of LS29 Group the first song, “What makes you smile when you go outside?” is available on YouTube on Thursday, 5th November.

“The music was recorded ‘as live’ at the Manor House during lockdown after the original plans to host fully accessible, relaxed concerts at the Manor House itself had to be put on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions,” said Daisy Johnson, trustee, Ilkley Manor House.

Nicola Scourfield of LS29 Group added, “We were disappointed the fully accessible, relaxed concerts could not go ahead in the end, but these as-live recordings are a fantastic way of bringing music to our young people, many of whom have felt isolated during lockdown. We hope people will share the tracks with friends and family so more people can enjoy them.”

Max, one of LS29 Group's members

Kathryn Sturman of Made with Music added, “‘We really enjoyed drawing creative inspiration from the young people involved with LS29 Group. Such a shame we couldn’t run as planned with a live audience, but we hope to be able to bring live music to Ilkley next year, lockdown permitting. The remaining three tracks will be available to stream each Thursday until 26th November.”

To help raise vital funds, the project relied on Co-op members. When a member buys selected products or services from the Co-op they earn a five per cent reward for themselves, with a further one per cent for local causes like this.

Melissa Butterworth from the Co-op Community Fund said, “In 2019 we delivered £17m to over 4,000 local causes, thanks to our members. When Co-op Members shop with us, they're also supporting local causes. Members can choose a local community cause that they want to support. The Manor House is one of the Co-op's causes this year in the Ilkley area and they have really made the most of their funding despite the challenges they have faced. It's great to see the team around the Manor House, LS29 Group and Made with Music, continuing to collaborate and adapt to the new situation with creative ideas to bring the community together. It shows that when we co-operate we can build something special together!”

The Co-op is looking to support organisations that make a difference in their local communities by protecting & improving community spaces, helping people reach their full potential by developing their skills, or promoting health and wellbeing. Co-op members can choose a cause by going online

Music recorded by Made with Music is available on their YouTube channel: and also on QR codes in the courtyard at the Manor House.


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