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NatWest in Ilkley to close

NatWest has announced its Ilkley branch will close on 21 February 2023 claiming the branch was used by just 5 personal customers on a regular basis in 2021.

Ilkley is 1 of 43 branches across Britain the bank is closing, its Shipley branch is also on the list. It says it is reducing its presence on Britain's high streets to cut costs and as a result of more customers moving to online banking.

(Source - Ilkley Factsheet)

A NatWest spokesman said: "As with many industries, most of our customers are shifting to mobile and online banking, because it's faster and easier for people to manage their financial lives."

The closest NatWest branch after Ilkley's closure is on High Street in Skipton, with a branch also on North Street in Keighley.

Customers can use a debit card to check their balance, withdraw and pay in cash at the Post Office.


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