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New Ilkley Tree Trail available

A fourth and final Ilkley Tree Trail has just been printed - “Darwin Gardens and the Moor”. As a lockdown activity Neil and Sue Stevens created “Introduction to Trees” last year which visits trees around East Holmes Field and the Lido. The trail comes as a 12-page booklet and has been available from Grove Book Shop or the Visitors Centre at no charge. The trail proved very popular so they have gone on to create “Trees in Winter, “Town Centre Trees” and finally “Darwin Gardens and the Moor”.

Sue Stevens says “We have enjoyed creating these trails and have learnt a lot in doing so. We hope the trails will encourage people to take an interest in trees and appreciate how important they are for the character of our town.”

The Darwin Gardens and Moor trail visits 35 trees over 1.5 miles and takes about 90 minutes. It takes in White Wells and the Upper Tarn and returns to the Darwin Gardens car park by way of the Lower Tarn.

It includes some old favourites like the Beech and Sycamore and also some surprises like Prickly Heath and Balm of Gilead.

The trails are available from the Grove Book Shop and Visitors Centre as printed booklets. They can also be viewed and downloaded from


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