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New transport exhibition to open at Manor House

An image of Ilkley Railway Station in 1966, part of the Ilkley Greenway, Transport in Wharfedale exhibition

A new transport exhibition will open this weekend at Ilkley Manor House.

Ilkley Greenway, Transport in Wharfedale - is an exhibition presented by The Friends of Wharfedale Greenway and shows the history of transport along the valley, showing you how our rail and road infrastructure was built and lost, and has evolved over the past two centuries.

A spokesperson said: "Travel back to the past as we reconnect Ilkley, Burley, and Otley with maps, photographs, timelines, charabancs, telegraphs, and dual carriageways. We also look towards the future with the emerging plans for the pedestrian and cycle corridor known as the Wharfedale Greenway, to begin construction soon."

The exhibition will start on 17th September and will be available to view when the Manor House is open, which is currently every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 30th October.

For details of opening times and other exhibitions and displays at the Manor House visit the website:


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