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Online talk: How we can move faster towards a net zero carbon world?

Dr Franziska Elmer

Climate Action Ilkley has organised an online Zoom event with Dr Franziska Elmer, a Marine Biologist and founder of the Climate Pirates, on how we can use our collective creativity to imagine a net-zero carbon world and how we can get there.

Dr Elmer has lectured throughout the world including America and New Zealand and has given a TedX talk on her motivation to become a Climate Pirate.

Dr Elmer says that ‘Calling climate change a crisis and treating 2018-2030 as the most important epoch in human history is what got me motivated. It incorporates the negative future we might face as the reason why we call it a crisis but it does not focus on it. It focuses on “what stories will you tell when asked about this important time in history”. Nobody wants to tell their children and grandchildren that they knew about the threats and did nothing, everyone wants to be able to tell an exciting, exceptional and heroic story. This is what motivates me to take actions …’

On Thursday 15 April at 7.30pm, Dr Franziska Elmer will be hosting an online Zoom discussion, the first in a series of events Climate Action Ilkley will be running on this theme.

Are we waiting for the perfect solution that we may never realise?

What compromises and tough decisions will we need to make?

What solutions are already available to us?

A spokesperson for Climate Action Ilkley said: “Most of us have never thought about what our daily lives will look like in a net-zero emission world. To reach that goal it helps to visualise where we are going, otherwise, we may be knocked off track and end up in a different place entirely.”

“Pirates know we have to act, that through action comes strength, and that belief in this path is important.

“We hope to hold a face to face event where we can all imagine Ilkley’s Future(s) together, so watch out for further talks in our Imagining IF series.”

To register for this event go to Eventbrite You can join the event from 7.15pm with it starting promptly at 7.30pm.

For any other questions about what Climate Action Ilkley is doing please contact Kath Steward at

To find out more about Dr Franziska Elmer visit her website

In other news, Climate Action Ilkley hope to have its electric cargo bike scheme up and running by mid-May, which residents and businesses will be able to book and borrow free of charge.

Climate Action Ilkley hope to have its electric cargo bike scheme up and running by mid-May


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