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Playhouse season draws to a close

The last play of Ilkley Playhouse's season is in the Wharfedale Theatre until Saturday 16th July.

"Peter Gill’s The York Realist is a love story but it’s also about the divide made by class, culture and geography when a young director called John comes up from London to assist the director of a 1960s revival of the York Mystery plays and gets involved with farm hand George who is one of the cast. In John's company, George steps from the closed world of farm and family to taste the fellowship of the theatre and the emerging scene of 1960s England. But how will it all go down with the folks back home? Can George step away from the world in which he was born and raised? This warm, witty and sharp piece of writing is intensely moving as George and John struggle to reconcile the differences between their lives and find a future together. Against the background of a changing England, this beautifully written play explores class, place, the arts, sexuality, society and above all, relationships and the family."

Tickets are available from the Ilkley Playhouse box office: 01943 609539 or website

Looking ahead, the autumn/winter season starts with George Bernard Shaw's, Mrs Warren's Profession, from the 15th to the 24th of September: "Mrs Kitty Warren has worked hard to provide for her daughter, but how will Vivie react when she learns the truth about her mother’s profession? The stage is set for a tale of duplicity, love and morality.

"Banned, censored and controversial during George Bernard Shaw's lifetime, this play resonates in new ways for today’s audience. It shines a light on mother/daughter relationships and the values we hold dear. More than anything though, it is about social pressures and hypocrisy. It is a play fuelled by ideas of social and moral choices.

"Shaw’s plays are known for their wit, brilliant arguments and unrelenting challenges to the conventional morality of his time."

Click on the front cover below to download the autumn/winter season programme, which is also available in print from the playhouse and other locations around Ilkley.


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