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Single digital media screen to replace billboards on Leeds Road

4 billboard on Leeds Road to be replaced with 1 digital screen on the far left (Google Street View)

Plans to remove three advertising hoardings and upgrade one to a digital poster screen on Leeds Road in Ilkley have been approved by Bradford Council.

Objections were made to the plans submitted by Air Outdoor Media Limited in July for changes to the site on the A65 which is opposite Ashlands Primary School. Currently the site has four 6 metre by 3 metre 48 sheet hoarding, these will now be replaced by one 6m x 3m digital media screen where the far left one is currently sited.

Ilkley Town Council’s planning committee said: “The advertisement by reason of its position, height, size and internal form of illumination would be unduly dominant, intrusive and a discordant feature at this location”.

Ilkley Civic Society had concerns partially due to lack of information, whilst saying it’s a positive step to see the current four 6m x 3m boards reduced to one, the society mentioned the intensity of illumination will have varying effects on both road safety issues, visual and environmental issues.

Approving the plans, the council have stipulated that: “The screen display shall not contain moving images, animation, video, full motion images, or images that resemble road signs or traffic signs. The advertisement display shall not change more frequently than every 10 seconds and the interval between advertisements shall be instantaneous, with no visual effects including swiping or other animated transition methods between successive displays.”


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