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Available to view from 8am Tuesday until 9am Monday.

Posted every Tuesday morning at 8am and running for over 6 years, the Ilkley Chat Jobs Board post has become one of the most popular weekly posts locally on Facebook, putting all the information in one place, in an easy to read format.

There are three sections to our Jobs Board post - main jobs, volunteers and apprenticeships.


​Many local businesses regularly use this service and comment on the amount of good applicants received, compared to both expensive paid for adverts and those placed through Job Centres.

What is the cost of placing an advert? In most cases we don't ask for a fee, however if you have found the service useful we ask you support Ilkley Chat and make a voluntary payment, you can select to do this using the form below.

We offer the opportunity to have your advert in the TOP 3 for its first week, so seen first.  This is on a first come, first served basis and costs £15.  Please email for more details.

Before submitting a job, please read ALL of the T&Cs at the bottom of this page and use the form below, the deadline to submit an advert is 4pm Monday.  


Please note: Jobs which don't follow the format may be rejected and delay your advert being added to the next list. 


Job Advert Format

JOB TITLE – COMPANY NAME, COMPANY LOCATION (the title to each job advert is in CAPITALS and must include the location) 

This is where you write your job description in less than 600 characters (inc spaces), including how applicants should apply.

Closing date: if there is one




Full time. We are looking for someone who has a minimum of  2 year retail experience as an assistant manager or above.  Please email your CV and covering letter to jobs@bigshop.bla

Closing date: 25 December 2020

Terms and conditions

  • Employers are liable for the content in adverts submitted, it is your responsibility to make sure all information is correct and doesn't break any discrimination laws, such as age, race, sex, disability, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief. Ilkley Chat accepts no responsibility.

  • Job adverts should be composed using the format above and should be no more than 600 characters with spaces in total, if you don't it may be rejected.

  • To keep the list manageable all jobs need to be based within 10 miles of Ilkley.

  • The deadline 4pm Monday for the Tuesday 8am post.

  • Where a job doesn't have a closing date it will be left on the weekly list for 3 weeks before being removed.

  • We only include actual paid vacancies, not business opportunities - such as franchises.

  • This is a free service for individual businesses to advertise for staff, recruitment agency, rent a chair adverts etc will incur a fee - please contact us for details.

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