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Ashlands Vets gives vital PPE to the NHS

Jenny Chapman, Head Nurse at Ilkley, with Monty

Ashlands Vets have donated vital PPE to Airedale Hospital following an request on Easter Monday.

The practice with a site on Leeds Road in Ilkley have donated gowns, gloves, hats, masks and clinical waste bags to the hospital.

Anne MacGregor from Ashlands Vets said: 'Maintaining a high standard of Veterinary care would be difficult without PPE, but we have decided we could by using reusable, sterilisable cloth surgical gowns and Rachel Laidler, owner of Rachel’s Made to Measure in Otley, has very generously volunteered to make these for us, enabling us to donate just about our entire stock of disposable gowns.'

Rachel Laidler and her team

During the current crisis Rachel’s Made To Measure of Otley have switched from making curtains and blinds, to making scrubs for the hospital and care workers. Over £1500 has been raised from the public via a funding page to help buy the fabric. This has also enabled her to share the fabric with other sewing groups in Otley, Ilkley, Guiseley and Menston.

All Ashlands Vets sites have had to adapt to the current conditions with rapid changes in working patterns, they are still managing to provide round the clock Veterinary Care whilst adhering to social distancing advice.

Anne added: 'We have temporarily closed our sites at Glusburn and Skipton, split the team into 3 and are working out of Ilkley, this enables take time off for sickness and self-isolation, but it seems to be working well at the moment'

'Our vets are initially assessing a sick animal via a phone call and photos or videos. If the vet thinks that some treatment is required, the rules have been relaxed so that we can prescribe medication without physically examining the animal. If we need to see the animal, then it is taken from the owner in the car park and brought inside the Practice to examine it. Under guidance from the British Veterinary Association and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Ashlands are starting to do a limited number of vaccinations to try to prevent an outbreak of animal disease at this already difficult time.'

'It has been fantastic to see the community coming together like this, from the generosity of the public, to Rachel Laidler’s hard work and the adaptability of our staff at Ashland’s Vets, all in support and appreciation of the NHS staff.'


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