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Be part of this historic moment in Ilkley’s story

After a highly successful exhibition and auction of 30 donated artworks by local artists which raised just under £11,000, Improving Ilkley is now reaching out to individuals and the local corporate community to donate to the Ilkley Fountain Project.


There are now only 60 spaces left for donors who pledge £250 or more to have their name or organisation celebrated permanently at the fountain site.


These can be individual and/ or family names, or the name of a company or an organisation. A pledge may be made in the name of someone else, either as a memory or as a gift. The original 1865 fountain was funded by local individuals and businesses, and we are following in those footsteps nearly 160 years later.


A spokesperson for Improving Ilkley said: “Donate now and help us restore Ilkley’s significant and historic landmark in a way which respects the past and is relevant both for now and the future.


“There is also a limited edition of the scale model available until 1st May with all proceeds after fabrication going to the fountain project.”


For all further information and to donate, go to:


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