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Budding writers to create story during live Ilkley event

Three aspiring writers who host a podcast are hoping to create the 'greatest story ever written in the history of the whole world ever' when they appear at a live event next month.

The 'Failing Writers Podcast LIVE' will be part of the Ilkley Literature Fringe Festival, in an outdoor session in the Ilkley Manor House Courtyard on Thursday 5th August.

Ilkley resident Jon Rand started the podcast with two friends and fellow voice over artists - Tom Turner and Dave Baird - during the lockdown.

Jon tells us: “All 3 of us have always wanted to write, either books or comedy, but have never quite been able to take ourselves seriously. So it started as a sort of self-help group to encourage and shame each other into writing more. Sat there at home during the height of the pandemic with voice-over studios, it seemed daft not to do something.”

Tom adds: “We’ve got listeners in Singapore, The USA, Ireland, I think there’s even one bloke in Romania, who seems to quite like us. At first I thought it might be fun to document our inevitable rise to becoming best-selling authors, but actually we’ve just ended up spending all our time making the podcast instead. Which is sort of ironic, but very on-brand!”

The event at 6.40pm on 5th August is being billed as 'The Greatest Story Ever Written In The History Of The Whole World Ever'.

“The plan is to write the greatest story ever, with the help of the audience, in 40 minutes," says Dave. "I’m excited. I mean, I just can’t see what could possibly go wrong.”

You can find all the details and the podcast at

Tickets for the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe event are free and available from


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