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Ceroc dance comes to Ilkley

Ceroc, a partner dance style, will launch in Ilkley at its newest venue, The Clarke Foley Community Hub this week.

Dance enthusiasts and beginners alike are invited to experience the excitement and joy of Ceroc's unique blend of dance styles when the venue officially opens its doors at 7:30pm on Thursday, March 28th 2024. Ceroc has been a pioneer in revolutionising partner dancing by creating a fusion of various dance forms, including salsa, swing, ballroom, and tango. With its easy-to-learn moves and emphasis on social interaction,

Ceroc has become an incredibly popular dance style, attracting people of all ages and backgrounds.

The new Ceroc venue at Clarke Foley, Ilkley promises to provide a vibrant and inclusive space for dancers to learn, socialize, and have a fantastic time. The venue boasts a spacious dance floor, state-of-the-art sound system, and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages participants to let loose and express themselves through dance.

"We are absolutely thrilled to bring the exhilarating world of Ceroc to Ilkley with the opening of our Clarke Foley Centre venue," said Ben & Gill Gartland Franchisees of Ceroc Yorkshire. "Our aim is to create a space where people can come together, have fun, and experience the joy of dance. We can't wait to introduce Ilkley residents to the infectious energy and community spirit that Ceroc is known for."

To celebrate the grand opening, Ceroc Ilkley will be hosting a special launch event on March 28th, featuring introductory beginner and intermediate dance classes, and opportunities to socialize with fellow dance enthusiasts. Whether attendees are absolute beginners or seasoned dancers, the event will offer something for everyone.

If you have never been to a Ceroc partner dance class before, just mention this press release to receive 1 free Thursday class night entry before the end of April 2024.


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