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Community steps in to secure future of Ilkley Pool and Lido

The future of Ilkley Pool and Lido is under threat with Bradford Council’s budget proposals, so a group of committed Ilkley residents are developing proposals to secure the long term future of the site and facilities through community ownership of the pool, lido and grounds. 

A review of non-statutory services (including Ilkley Pool and Lido) is currently being undertaken by Bradford Council in addition to the budget proposals provided at the BMDC meeting the 11th January, with a consultation on the findings in the spring. Bradford Council’s leisure services, including the Ilkley Pool and Lido are now under further review and staff have been notified.

The Ilkley Pool and Lido CBS group has moved quickly to develop an outline proposition and to collaborate with local and national stakeholders. 

Founder of the group, Becky Malby said: “We are at the very early stages of developing options so that we can respond quickly to the BMDC review, and proactively influence the outcome. Whilst we are exploring options for community ownership there is of course the possibility the Pool and Lido remain public services, and if this is the case we want to secure more collaboration with the town in ensuring a sustainable future for these vital facilities.” 

The community ownership proposal would have three possible stages with a real vision for a thriving community asset:

  • Short term running of the Lido and Pool in a way that generates a sustainable community asset, making the most of what is there now - this may need a transitionary model to ensure viability.

  • Short to Medium term establishing partnerships and collaborating to secure a vision for a thriving centre for sport and the community at the Pool and Lido.

  • Long term securing a better future for the indoor pool as a modern facility and the Lido as a heritage site within a sports hub area for Ilkley that creates the most potential from all our sports within the town. 

"The group is holding a meeting at 6pm on the 2nd February at Ilkley Rugby Club. Anyone is welcome to join us as we share our thinking and actions, and discuss the future of our vital Pool and Lido." Becky added.

Registration for the meeting on the 2nd February is here

The Ilkley Pool and Lido CBS group members are Becky Malby (founder), Joanne Bown & John Pegington (Ilkley Swimming Club), Debbie Rosen and Annette Bearpark &  Debbie Rosen (Friends of Ilkley Lido), Paul Stephens (Ilkley Harriers), Roger Tilbrook (Manor House), Di Lury (Ilkley Clean River Group) Cath Brownlee, Juliet O’Callaghan, Adrian Clarke and Chris Cody.


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