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Concern over huge phone mast planned for Ben Rhydding

Cllr Anne Hawkesworth at the proposed site of the new phone mast

A District Councillor has raised concerns over plans to install a 20-metre high 5G phone mast next to playing fields, in a residential area off Bolling Road in Ben Rhydding.

Whilst accepting that the phone signal is ‘hit and miss’ in the area, Cllr Anne Hawkesworth wonders if an alternative site could be found: “My initial view was horror, but it has to be accepted that reception here in Ben Rhydding is not good and telephone calls tend to fade - come and go. Is it a necessary evil ?”.

Many of the objections to the plans online mention the site being in the middle of a residential area and close to a school and a pre-school.

The planning application from CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd covers other locations which were considered and discounted for a number of different reasons. The company says all equipment is installed in line with government guidance.

Comments in the Ben Rhydding Community Facebook group suggest they have already started investigatory works at the site.

It’s understood that Telecommunications do benefit from a significant range of permitted development rights under the current national legislation and where it involves any assessment by the Local Planning Authority this is limited to consideration of siting and appearance only.

Residents have until 20 August to comment on the plans.


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