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Corporate volunteering days benefit Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks

The Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks were delighted this week to welcome its friends and valued supporters from Virgin Media/O2 once again for another of the company's Corporate Volunteering Days.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks said: "This is the fourth such occasion they have supported us - delighted to say they keep coming back for more punishment.

"The team were out in force Thursday and set about continuing the weeding on the embankment together with clearance of the dense undergrowth on the south embankment. It was a fantastic effort with the end result exceeding all expectations. A huge improvement to the Park and serves to emphasise what can be achieved when we have the numbers.

"We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers but special mention to Debbie McMurrough who organises the event on behalf of VM/O2 and is a strong advocate of the work we do in the Park."

The spokesperson added: "We're delighted to advise they will be joining us again later in the year for another session."

To find out more about the group and offer your support visit


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