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Delight as vital Ilkley school crossing progresses

MP Robbie Moore and District Councillors Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons

District Councillors Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons were delighted to learn that a much-needed zebra crossing outside Ilkley Grammar School has moved closer to becoming a reality after council officers advised that funding looks to have been secured.

Having worked with Conservative Town Councillor Valerie Halton to liaise with residents to find a solution to the problem of speeding on Cowpasture Road, Councillors Green and Gibbons have written letters of support for the crossing as well as attending a site visit with school and council staff to ascertain the best location for a zebra crossing. 

With Cowpasture Road needing action to address speeding concerns and determined to help support students at the Ofsted rated 'outstanding' school, both councillors are delighted that this project is moving forward. The project not only has the potential to save lives, but will help to encourage those interested in using environmentally-friendly ways to get to school.

Speaking about the development, Councillor Green stated: "Having spoken to residents, members of the school leadership team and Town Councillor Halton it has become clear that we need to see a solution to the danger of speeding on Cowpasture Road while also improving access to the school for those wishing to walk to it. While funding now appears to be secure for this vital project we need to see the crossing implemented as soon as possible."

Councillor Gibbons commented by saying, "This crossing could potentially save lives and will make travelling to and from school safer as well as addressing speeding concerns on Cowpasture Road. What we also must see as part of plans for the crossing are barriers to help encourage usage of the crossing to help maximise the safety of the proposal."


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