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'Don't struggle on alone' - Ilkley Town Mayor

In his weekly statement, Ilkley Town Mayor, Cllr Mark Stidworthy, said:

'Very sadly, although new coronavirus cases are slowly reducing, residents of Ilkley and the surrounding area have lost their lives to Covid-19, and we remember them and their families. Be in no doubt that further lives will be saved through townsfolk staying at home, going out only for essential reasons and observing strict social distancing. We acknowledge and are grateful for the sacrifice this represents for everybody, from the youngest to the oldest. If the restrictions are making it difficult for you to cope, the Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group is here to help. Please do not struggle on alone.'

'By protecting the NHS, fewer seriously ill people are in local hospitals, and doctors in our GP practices remain available to help you. If concerned for your health or that of somebody in your family, please don’t delay seeking treatment until it is too late to be most effective. This includes your mental wellbeing. Local doctors have safe systems in place for consultation and diagnosis.'

'Dedicated and courageous staff continuing to face the challenging situation in Ilkley’s care and residential homes deserve our particular gratitude and respect. The Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group is working on their behalf to identify additional PPE and other needs that can be addressed.'

'Local businesses are suffering due to lockdown, and there is wider impact on the town through residents who have been furloughed, lost their jobs, or are experiencing financial uncertainty and hardship. Please try to support those local businesses that are able to continue trading (see:, and support Ilkley BID as it campaigns for the town.'

'If you are in Ilkley and need help, the telephone number is: 07375 803 693, or go online to: You can find out about Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group and make a donation at:'

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