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Fire and Rescue Service reminder to #BeMoorAware

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) are reminding the public to enjoy the moorland and countryside safely and to #BeMoorAware ahead of wildfire season.

Each year wildfire destroys thousands of hectares, having significant effects on the economy, environment, and social fabric of rural areas.

With the Easter holidays approaching crews are undertaking extra training to refresh wildfire capabilities and tactics, travelling up to moorland across West Yorkshire to test equipment and make sure firefighters are as prepared as possible for any potential fires.

However, the main message from the service is the things the public can do to help protect our countryside. We’re being asked to clear up and take rubbish home after picnics (especially glass bottles), to follow the countryside code and never throw lighted cigarette ends onto the ground, or out of the window of vehicles.

There’s also a reminder issued that Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s) are in place on moorland which bans barbeques, fires, sky lanterns, fireworks and other dangerous items from moorland across the district. If you see anyone on moorland with barbeques or fireworks, dial 999 and ask for FIRE.

Wildfire Officer Andy Flynn said “Typically when Easter arrives, and the weather starts getting drier and warmer we do unfortunately see an increase in moorland fires. We don’t want to stop people in West Yorkshire enjoying our beautiful countryside – but we do want everyone to enjoy it responsibly.

“Little things like taking rubbish home can make a big difference, and obviously not BBQing or lighting fires on our moorland. These types of fires cause pollution, kill vulnerable wildlife and can take up a huge amount of firefighting resource, so we really want to avoid these types of fires in 2024.”

If you spot a fire on our moorland –

  • Move to safe place and call the Fire Service on 999 immediately, provide as much details as you can including size of fire, location and terrain.

  • Don’t tackle the fire.

  • If you haven’t already, self evacuate the area as soon as possible – These fires can spread fast.


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