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Fourth event in the CAI series Your World, Your Vote

Rupert Read will be the guest speaker on Thursday 9 May at Clarke Foley Community Hub

The next event in Climate Action Ilkley’s (CAI) series ‘Your World, Your Vote’ is on Thursday 9 May entitled, ‘You ARE the climate majority – how together we can make ourselves SAFER even as climate breakdown unfolds’.

The guest speaker at the free event at the Clarke Foley Community Hub will be Rupert Read, founder of the Climate Majority Project and former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

Rupert Read has recently taken voluntary severance from his role as Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, after 26 years, to dedicate himself to the Climate Majority Project as its Co-Director.

He has extensive experience as an environmental advocate in the media. He has been on BBC Question Time, Newsnight, Radio4 Today programme, Good Morning Britain and been interviewed by many presenters including Andrew Marr and Nigel Farage. He has written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Ecologist and many other newspapers and websites. He has written a number of books including 'Parents For A Future: how loving our children can prevent climate collapse' (2021) and 'Do You Want To Know The Truth' (2022).

Steve Peel of CAI said ‘The Climate Majority Project aims to help a majority of people in the UK who care about climate and nature – i.e who care about our very future – to understand that they are powerful together, and to take meaningful action, relevant to themselves and their communities. As well as ‘practical’ action, it advocates the importance of cultures of support, political inclusivity and resilience: to help us face the trouble we’re in together’.

Professor Read’s latest book is ‘The Climate Majority Project: setting the stage for a mainstream Urgent Climate Moverment’ The foreword is written by Lord Deben, former conservative cabinet minister, who says ‘Only when every elected representative discovers that delay loses votes… will we get the ambitious, committed and consistent government action that we need. This book is a valuable contribution to that end’.

Afterward there will be ample time for questions and discussion and Prof Read will have some of his books available for purchase and signing.


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