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Ilkley charity says a big thank you to its volunteers

Local charity Ilkley & District Good Neighbours is sending a special thank you card during National Volunteers Week to all its volunteers, old and new, to recognise their efforts and contribution in helping the community’s older residents.

The charity has over 100 volunteers and helps individuals with its various projects, including Shop Assist, Befriending, Moving On, and Home and Garden Assist.

National Volunteers Week, from 1st to 6th June, is an annual event which began in 1984 to celebrate the contribution made by the nation’s volunteers. An estimated 165,000 organisations across the UK rely completely on the goodwill of volunteers to help people in need, especially during the current pandemic.

“We‘re really fortunate in having an amazing dedicated team who, even in these challenging times, have managed to make a real difference in enhancing the quality of people’s lives” said the charity’s Chairman Penny Coulthard.

“Given all that is currently happening charities have become even more necessary. Sending a thank you card to our team was simply our way of showing appreciation to the volunteers who give up their time to help those who feel isolated, lonely or who need practical help in different ways.”

The charity recently transformed itself in response to lockdown and social distancing rules and has continued to provide assistance to individuals with its projects such as Shop Assist, Befriending and Moving On.

“I’m pleased to say that during this particularly challenging period our volunteers have helped support around 70 people with their shopping, made regular phone calls to 40 others for a friendly chat and support, and also kept in touch with our social group Moving On which has 50 members. This is with the support of existing and new volunteers who have responded to the call for help. We’ve worked closely with the Ilkley Corona Response team to identify and support people who need our services and to welcome new volunteers”

Penny also quoted some of the grateful comments volunteers had recently received from the charity’s clients during the lockdown.

“I can’t stress enough how helpful it’s been for us. It’s just a lifeline.”

“My Befriending volunteer is delightful and her contact is always welcome.”

“I’m simply taken aback by the kindness you’ve shown.”

Penny added: “ I would also like to say thank you to 9-year-old Ella Walton, the daughter of Hannah, one of our staff, who designed our lovely volunteers’ card.”

For further information on the charity visit or email Those needing help during the coronavirus pandemic can call 07375 803 693 or use the online form to request help.


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