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Ilkley Clean River Group event: Cleaning up our Rivers, Lakes & Seas

Ilkley Clean River Group is to host a free afternoon event on 22nd September at Christchurch on The Grove entitled 'Cleaning up our Rivers, Lakes & Seas'.

A spokesperson for the group said: "This event goes beyond analysing the problems to setting out what needs to happen now to clean up our nation’s rivers lakes and seas.

"Aimed at campaigners, national lobby organisations, regulators, water service providers and policy makers who want to secure rivers, lakes and seas fit for people and wildlife. We aim to keep pollution for profit firmly in the spotlight post the election, providing participants with the opportunity to find out how the country can address the state of our rivers, lakes and seas.

"We, Ilkley Clean River Group, are the first campaign group nationally to secure local infrastructure to radically reduce water company sewage pollution, by holding regulators, water companies and politicians to account using data, public outrage, policy, and the media. We provide seminars and support to campaign groups across the country, partnering with national organisations and philanthropic funders."

During the event you can find out and contribute to:

  • What really causes river pollution, and how this differs across the country

  • What is legal and illegal and how to hold water companies, regulators and policy makers to account

  • The infrastructure solutions that will ensure sewage is not polluting our rivers and seas

  • What local people, national organisations and government can do to ensure our rivers are returned to good health fit for people and wildlife

The event is on Sunday 22nd September at Christchurch between 12.30 - 16.30. Further information and tickets are available here.


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