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Ilkley Fountain Delivery Group announces next phase of project

The Ilkley Fountain Delivery Group has announced the next phase of its project and fundraising, and invites public support.

The Ilkley Fountain project is making significant strides, and the Fountain Delivery Group is delighted to announce the addition of Guy Weston and Jeremy Lewis (trustee of Ilkley Arts) to its team. These new members are offering valuable support and advice for the ongoing efforts.

The group is devising several initiatives to promote the project, including the unveiling of a scale model of the fountain for public viewing and feedback, as well as various opportunities for financial contributions.

More information on these activities will be forthcoming, featuring the display and tour of the scale model at different venues in April, such as Ilkley markets, alongside an art weekend and auction at the Tinker Gallery.

Additionally, there will be a relaunched crowdfunding campaign, allowing contributors to have their names or organisations displayed at the fountain site, symbolising the community's commitment to environmental sustainability and the future.

Local resident Noah Markham expressed his enthusiasm: As a young person living in Ilkley, I was delighted to see the design for a new fountain at the top of Brook Street. Sphagnum moss is an important symbol of our town and not only does the fountain provide a focal point in the town centre, but it is also pertinent to Ilkley’s history. The sustainable nature of the fountain is something that people of all ages can unite behind and shows it is clearly a ‘fountain fit for the future’.”

The fundraising group for the project said: "We want to develop a way of fundraising which echoes the themes of the fountain itself, valuing collaboration, kindness, and positive community action. The group’s vision is that the fountain will be a link to the moor above, provide a peaceful meeting place at the centre of Ilkley, and be a symbol of the town coming together."

The Fountain Delivery Group is adopting an innovative crowdfunding strategy, aiming to create a patchwork of support from individuals and organisations both in Ilkley and further afield. This approach represents the idea that ‘small is beautiful’, illustrating how collective, positive actions have huge potential for renewal and change.

If you would like to express your support for the Improving Ilkley fountain, please go to:


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