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Ilkley Hospitality working together to keep the industry alive

Ilkley hospitality businesses are working together and adapting to save jobs and to help keep the industry alive.

The Ticket Office has been modifying its products & services to fit the ever-changing rules and guidelines, and has been working closely with their neighbours, ‘La Stazione’ - both have been allowing each other access to use the other’s outside space, when closed. This was seen recently on the local BBC news.

The Ticket Office which invested heavily in extra safety measures after re-opening in July, including thermal imaging temperature checking and regular fogging, has embraced the latest set of regulations by building a covering and adding heaters to its outside area.

Due to the strict measures in place and their diversification, they have managed to retain all of their full-time employees, no mean feat in the current climate.

Liam Chantry, General Manager said: “It has been a real rollercoaster of a ride this year with circumstances changing all the time and I would be lying if I said it hadn’t been tough, but I am really proud of the team and the way they have remained positive and stepped up when it’s been needed most. We are also incredibly grateful for the support of our regular customers and our neighbouring businesses, there’s a great feeling of ‘being in it together’. The investment in the outside area will ensure that we can continue to trade with mixed households up to six and provide food and drink, not only in safety but also in warmth”

The venue is also about to launch their ‘Cocktails at Home’ package, where customers will be given the opportunity to make up the bars famous, signature cocktails at home.

“The cocktails at home package, ensures that those customers who don’t feel comfortable visiting the venue can still enjoy what we do best, in the comfort of their own home. Perhaps on a date night or via Zoom with friends! We will continue to adapt what we offer dependent upon what is thrown at us next, in order to save jobs and keep hospitality alive but we do ask local people to continue to support their local, independent businesses, to help us achieve this ” – Liam said.

The Ticket Office are also planning a ‘Ticket Office to Your Office’ campaign, where they will bring food and do masterclasses to entertain the team ensuring they don’t miss out on a Christmas celebration. More info on this coming soon.

In the meantime, they continue to take bookings for food and drink inside for up six from one household and for up to six from mixed households outside. For more information on this, the new at home cocktail menu or to book a table email or direct message via Facebook @ticketofficebar.


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