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Ilkley Manor House welcomes views on environmental action plan

The Ilkley Manor House Trust, the team of volunteers responsible for developing and managing Ilkley Manor House, has agreed a commitment to sustainability and is encouraging people to comment on their draft action plan before the end of June.

Ilkley Manor House is a historic Grade 1 listed building that stands on the site of a Roman fort; as such, the Trust already works hard to ensure they are a socially and environmentally responsible charity. Their existing values align with those of Bioregional, a charity that supports businesses to create sustainable services through their One Planet Living® framework. This framework, developed together with the WWF, consists of ten simple principles ranging from energy efficiency through to nurturing local identity and heritage.

Daisy Johnson, Trustee of Ilkley Manor House, says, “We have decided to launch our draft policy to tie in with the UN’s World Environment Day on Monday 5th June. All the trustees feel incredibly passionate about making a change for the wider good of the planet and this starts at home, or in our case, at Ilkley Manor House.”

The Trustees would gratefully appreciate views on the One Planet Living approach and the actions that they are proposing in their draft policy document. Public consultation runs until Monday 26th June. For further information, including a link to the policy and how to comment, please visit:


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