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Mayor thanks Ilkley’s schools professionalism

In his weekly statement, Ilkley Town Mayor Cllr Mark Stidworthy, has thanked and praised Ilkley’s schools for their professionalism during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Stidworthy said:

"With more flexibility to be outside, most people are behaving responsibly and considerately. Ilkley has seen problems including inconsiderate parking, overcrowding of public parks and the riverbank, littering and inappropriate barbecues. Please remember that public services are strained by coronavirus. Take litter home, park considerately and avoid barbecues in parks or on the Moor. Childrens’ playgrounds and public toilets remain closed. Please keep social distance at all times."

"Raising a family is challenging at the best of times, and all the more so under lockdown. Education is disrupted and parents may feel ill-prepared, juggling employment and financial concerns and worrying about older relatives. There are few opportunities to let off steam. All of us are grateful that Ilkley families have made these sacrifices for others. You have really made a difference and saved lives. If you are struggling, the Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group can help you find resources to cope."

"As a national debate rages over the re-opening of schools, let’s remember that throughout this crisis, schools across Ilkley have been working exceptionally hard to deliver teaching and pastoral care, including daily on-site schooling for key workers’ children, remote curriculum delivery across all ages, supplies for families in need and phone calls to support learning and welfare. Against huge uncertainty, school leaders modify plans daily, balancing demands to protect staff, pupils and the community, whilst sustaining the teaching and support. Ilkley’s schools deserve our thanks and praise for their professionalism, and Ilkley’s young people our admiration for their determination to stay positive."

"The Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group has been working for weeks so that those who need help can get it. Most work is undertaken without fuss by Ilkley Good Neighbours and the volunteer community, following referral from the helpline. Thank you to all in the team!"

If you are in Ilkley and need help, the telephone number is: 07375 803 693. You can find out about Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group at


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