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Ilkley residents asked to make a household plan

Coronavirus (Covid-19) will affect all households and families in some way. This could be either through disruption to work and school patterns, or potentially through household members catching the virus itself. Every household in the Bradford District will soon receive a letter asking them to make a ‘Household Plan’. The idea behind the plan is simple. Residents are being asked to think about the key issues that will keep the safe, where they may need to make changes, and share information.

The Household Plan will ensure that everyone living in a household has access to the information that they need to keep well and to get support if they need it. If only one person has that information it can cause problems if they are at work, can’t be contacted or fall ill.  

So Bradford Council is asking people to think about each person’s needs, think ahead about possible problems and how to deal with them and to gather useful information together.

Planning should include:

  • contact details,

  • who provides services to the household (covering food, housing and utilities)

  • who can support and help your household, and who you can support

  • discussion about how you can all stay well - physically, mentally and emotionally

  • plans on how to care for anyone who has symptoms or becomes ill with the virus.

Alongside the letter and planning sheets are advice and tips on how to stay well and what to do if someone has symptoms, is ill or needs support. 

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader of Bradford Council said: “We feel strongly that now is the right time to make sure that everyone in each household has access to the information that will help to keep everyone well and to get support if it is needed.  By mailing every household we know that everyone, regardless of age, race or access to online services, will receive the same information.

“This is a very difficult time for all of us. Our Council services are working hard alongside the NHS and many voluntary and community services to make sure that people get the health, care and support that they need and that vital services continue to be provided.

“We can’t do that without residents help. So I am appealing to everyone to please, take the time to make your household plan and do all that you can to stay safe and well at home and together we will protect services and save lives.”

If a member of your household is ill, please contact your GP or local hospital if it is an accident or emergency. They are still open and available to help. Don’t wait until it’s too late – phone your local practice or go online as you normally would if you need help.

More details about the Household Plan can found on the council website.

If you have been contacted by the NHS to say you or someone in your household is at the highest level of risk from the virus, you must stay at home and not go out. If you do not have support from family, carers or neighbours, you can ask for support from your Local Hub by calling 01274 431000.  The Local Hubs will need to prioritise people who do not have enough support.


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