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Ilkley to Bradford Forster Square service changes

Bradford train services are being reduced as Northern Rail introduces a new timetable from today, Sunday 21 May and reminds customers to ‘Check My Timetable’.

Services from Ilkley and Skipton to Bradford Forster Square will continue to run twice an hour during the peak, but will reduce to one train per hour during the off-peak to reflect lower customer demand, Northern Rail says. The overwhelming majority of services remain ‘as is’.

Tricia Williams, chief operating officer at Northern, said: “The new timetable coming into effect on Sunday is part of a national timetable change process that takes place twice a year for all train operators in England.

“The train network is a complex system of inter-dependent parts and it is vital that changes are co-ordinated in this way.

“For the vast majority of our customers there is no change, but some will notice a slight re-timing of service – as such, I would advise all customers to use the Check My Timetable feature on our website for any travel plans after 21 May.

“There are a very small number of services that have been removed from the timetable which reflects customer demand and we have already communicated that information to those communities.”


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