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Local artists generously support the Ilkley Fountain project

Artwork by Ian Smith

Local artists are generously supporting the Ilkley Fountain project by donating original artworks for a fundraising auction at the Tinker Galley in April.


As fundraising for the Ilkley Fountain gains momentum, Improving Ilkley has invited local artists to donate artworks for a fundraising exhibition and auction to be held at the Tinker Gallery ( from the 4rd - 20th April. The exhibition will culminate in an art auction at 14.00hrs on Saturday 20th April.


Joanne Tinker has very kindly offered her gallery space for the exhibition and auction which will also be the first venue in Ilkley to showcase the newly completed fountain model. The scale model, made by artist blacksmith James Wilkinson (, has been made in galvanised and etched steel and will be displayed alongside 27 pieces of original artwork, on moorland themes, which have very generously been donated for auction by local artists. A limited edition of the scale maquette, suitable for outdoor locations, will also be available for order during the exhibition period with proceeds going to the Ilkley Fountain project.


The artists who have donated work are:


Cat Barrett, Tara Binns, Helen Brayshaw, Rich Bunce, Laura Dawes, Linda Dewart, Nicky Dyson, Alice Fox, Kathryn Fox, John Gamble, Sarah Gamble, John Giles, Gill Gilroy, Clare Haley, Pippa Hamilton, Philippa Horne, Louise Hepworth-Wood, Caroline Hudson, Lorna Jewitt, Aurora Plomer, Nataliya Revonyuk, Joyce Simpson, Caroline Smith, Ian Smith, Lucia Smith, Kerry Stoker, Joanne Tinker


Artwork by Lorna Jewitt

Louise Hepworth-Wood said ‘It is so wonderful that the artist community has come together in support of our project. The response has been incredible. All proceeds will go towards the fountain fundraising initiative which Improving Ilkley aim to bring to fruition this year. I’d like to thank Joanne Tinker for allowing us to host this exciting exhibition in her gallery and all of the artists who have so kindly donated work.’


If you are interested in owning a piece of original artwork linked to the fountain project, then please visit to offer your bid. The gallery will be open Wednesday – Saturday over this 3-week period. In addition, if you are unable to make the actual auction itself on 20th April at 14.00hrs, you can email in your bid directly to Louise (, who will keep you informed on the day.  


Joanne Tinker, artist and owner of The Tinker Gallery said ‘The Tinker Gallery is proud and excited to support Ilkley’s Fountain. We are delighted to be the first venue to showcase the model of the beautiful fountain and what a stunning and very appropriate landmark for Ilkley’s town centre! The art auction is bound to be exciting and is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on original artwork, whilst in addition donating to this worthwhile cause.”


Those who successfully bid over £250.00 will become ‘Keystone donors’ to the project and will be invited to have their names permanently marked at the fountain site as well as all artists who have donated work.

Artwork by Alice Fox



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