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Local Elections 2023: Ilkley results

Elections took place on Thursday 4th May 2023 to elect a district councillor to represent Ilkley and Ben Rhydding on Bradford Council, and to elect the entire 14 seats on Ilkley Town Council.

The Ilkley turnout was 53.36%, the highest in the Bradford district, the average was 32%.

District Councillor

David Nunns, Conservative, was elected as District Councillor.

Ilkley Town Council Results

Ilkley Town Council is split into four wards, Ilkley North, Ilkley West, Ilkley South and Ben Rhydding. Voters living in Ilkley North and Ilkley South could vote for three separate candidates. Voters living in Ilkley West and Ben Rhydding could vote for four separate candidates.

Ilkley South (3 seats): Amanda Grace Simmonds, Labour; Karl John Richard Milner, Labour and Pauline Heather Allon, Liberal Democrats elected.

Ilkley West (4 seats): Stephen Mark Butler, Conservative; Andrew John Patrick Loy, Conservative; Catherine Mary Cheater, Conservative and Brennan David Cowell, Conservative elected.

Ilkley North (3 Seats): David John Hesmondhalgh, Green Party; Harry Alexander Nickson Burns, Conservative and David Nunns, Conservative elected.

Ilkley (Ben Rhydding) (4 seats): Linda Clair Brown, Labour; Damian John Kearns; Rosemary Jane Gibson, Labour and Sean Michael Spence, Conservative elected.

For results across the Bradford District visit:


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