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Love of Yorkshire landscape inspires three local artists

Wilderness (Tara Joy) - Through the Bracken I.IV (Rachel Sedman) - Beyond, Ilkley Moor (Susannah Lawless)

Three local artists have come together through friendship and their love of the Yorkshire landscape.

For three Yorkshire artists lockdown brought with it many challenges, cancelled exhibitions, gallery closures and workshop cancellations. This, combined with the added complications of home-schooling, left them looking for new ways of working and a renewed appreciation of friendship and the Yorkshire landscape that surrounds them.

Originally brought together by their children, Rachel Sedman, Tara Joy and Susannah Lawless, soon realised that they had a shared passion for art and nature. Last year, this culminated in a joint exhibition inspired by Ilkley Moor. Building on this success, the trio planned several collaborations in 2020 – then Covid-19 hit.

The local landscape became the classroom, the playground, the workplace, the home – providing a sense of permanence and belonging in a turbulent world.

Fast-forward a few months and the trio have now launched a new collection of Yorkshire inspired art, through their online gallery shop – Forage and Frame. Showcasing work in a variety of mediums, produced independently and collaboratively, the collection captures the sights, textures, moods of the Yorkshire landscape. Tara Joy through flower relief art, Susannah Lawless through acrylic landscape paintings; and Rachel Sedman through analogue photography, printmaking and abstract landscape paintings.

Susannah Lawless said “We’re all super excited to be launching our online gallery shop. The current situation has forced us all physically apart, but it has also brought us together through a renewed appreciation of the things that are most important to us. Friendship, art and nature are keeping us going and we hope that by sharing our art online, we can help spread some of that joy”.

All of the artwork available for sale is priced below £200, with the majority less than £60.

Susannah added “Many people are struggling financially, especially now as we enter a second national lockdown. So, we made a conscious decision to price our artwork to make it as affordable as possible.”

The Forage and Frame online gallery shop is now live You can also keep up to date with the group’s latest work via their Instagram page @forage_and_frame.

Left to right the artwork at the top of the story:

- Wilderness - Botanical plaster relief cast by Tara Joy

- Through the Bracken I.IV - Cyanotype print by Rachel Sedman

- Beyond, Ilkley Moor - Acrylic landscape painting by Susannah Lawless


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