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MP put to work at waste recovery centre

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore put in the hours at the Golden Butts Household Waste

Recovery Centre in Ilkley earlier this week to shadow members of their waste recovery team.

The visit was part of Robbie Moore’s summer tour around the Keighley and Ilkley constituency in

which he is visiting a number of businesses and constituents during the six-week Parliamentary

recess. Robbie has also shadowed a number of other front-line organisations who have been

paramount to running the country during the pandemic, including the Police, Fire and Postal service.

The centre is used by Bradford District residents to dispose of their household waste which overwise

cannot be deposited in the general waste. Items which can be taken to the site include batteries,

metals, electrical goods, paints, and wood amongst a whole range of other items. The majority of

items taken to the centre are recycled.

Commenting Robbie Moore said “Throughout the pandemic, those who collect our domestic

household waste, as well as the staff who operate our household waste recycling centres in Ilkley,

Keighley and at Sugden End on Halifax Road in Cross Roads have done a great job, in difficult

circumstances. These heroic men and women have put the needs of the nation above their own to

ensure our bins have continued to be emptied and our recycling centres operational as demand for

these services has rocketed.

“It was a pleasure to visit the Golden Butts Site to hear how things have been over the last 17

months, to hear what could be improved, but most of all to say a huge thank you to these unsung

heroes for the work that they have done to keep our waste services running.”


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