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New Ilkley Fountain commissioned!

A scale model of the fountain planned for Brook Street in Ilkley

After an art auction which surpassed all expectations and a successful model tour of venues across the town, Improving Ilkley is delighted to announce that the Ilkley Fountain, inspired by moorland water and local sphagnum moss, has been commissioned.


With only a small amount of fundraising still to go, and all permissions in place, the project requires a final push to raise £10,000 for the final part of the engineering works for the gravity-fed fountain system. The intention is for it to be installed by the end of 2024.


The fountain has received support from a number of prominent benefactors including Alan Titchmarsh and Sir Rodney Brooke as well as over 130 generous supporters who have donated via the Just Giving page. Improving Ilkley was also thrilled to receive a significant one-off donation from renowned local art collector Ronnie Duncan who, over many years has supported key Yorkshire and national galleries and museums through his foundation.

The chosen fabricator for the design by Juliet Gutch is James Wilkinson, based near Boroughbridge. The team will be making regular visits to his workshop over the coming months and will share regular updates on the progress of the build. James is also fabricating a first edition of 10 scale models for those who have supported the project by ordering one of this limited series.


There is still the opportunity for donors of £250 or more to have their name permanently marked at the fountain site and the charity has begun a final countdown for the last names to be included.


Louise Hepworth-Wood of Improving Ilkley said: "The charity would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the project, either financially or by sharing kind words. The hope is that everyone will come together and enjoy the fountain once it is installed."



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