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No change to restrictions for Ilkley

The Government has announced that the restrictions introduced in Bradford District, including Ilkley and other parts of Northern England last week will remain in place for now.

The Leader of Bradford Council, Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, said: "We support today’s decision by the Government to continue the restrictions that it imposed last week on parts of West Yorkshire, including Bradford, and the North West. I would have been amazed if they had lifted them so soon. 

"We have very high infection rates and would therefore ask everyone to abide by these regulations. Only by doing so can we get the infection rates down and avoid a local lockdown of more businesses. The Council has teams out every day including weekends talking to residents, handing out masks and making sure businesses are supporting their customers to stay safe.

“Neither the Government nor the Council wants to close businesses and we understand how difficult this can be, but our top priority has to be to bring down the infection rate to help protect local residents and businesses.

“The Council has asked the Government to provide financial support for businesses affected by these restrictions. We are awaiting a response.”

The council advise for the our latest COVID-19 advice to visit their website.


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