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Open letter from district Councillors

Ilkley and district Councillors, Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons, have written an open letter to Ilkley residents and businesses.

Dear all,

We are writing this open letter to residents and businesses in Ilkey because of the many challenges the Covid 19 (Corona-virus) pandemic is causing.

It is vital that all residents continue to follow current NHS, Public Health England and Government advice offered. With the situation changing rapidly, we need to stay up to date with the latest advice, doing so will help stop the spread of this virus and help to ensure that those at risk from it most, are kept as safe as possible.

All your District Councillors are working with the Town Council, voluntary groups, Bradford Council and many others, in order to help ensure that those at risk receive assistance. If you want to help those you feel may be at risk please, make "arms length" contact, give them a call, consider dropping a note through their door giving your details, using a template similar to the one that can be found online using the hashtag #viralkindness.

We are conscious that the pandemic is causing people to question whether they should go into shops, cafes and many other businesses.

There are a huge number of reasons why Ilkley is such a wonderful town - one of which is the range of shops, cafes and other places to visit.

Many of these varied businesses, are taking proactive measures to ensure they are either safe to visit, or are offering an amended service, so that you can still support them without having to visit the establishment, such as home delivery or takeaway meals. We would urge you, where it is safe to do so, to continue to support local businesses during this difficult period. Hopefully when this pandemic is over our town will quickly recover, regain it's vibrancy and still boast the wonderful array of local shops and businesses it has today.

Regards, District Councillors Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons


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