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Overwhelming opposition to speed bumps plan revealed

Ilkley’s district councillors have revealed the scale of public opposition to the planned town-wide traffic calming scheme, in the same week that Bradford Council has advertised the legal order which would put it into effect.

There was overwhelming opposition to the proposed road humps, with 874 against and only 82 in favour. Opinion was more divided on the 20mph zone itself, with 481 in favour and 515 against.

Despite this opposition, Bradford Council has this week published the legal orders to implement the plans.

The plans are a slightly altered version of the pre-consultation design, with 66 speed cushions removed. However, 133 speed cushions and 10 speed tables remain, along with the town-wide 20mph limit.

Maps showing the proposed 20mph zone and road hump locations can be viewed online at:

Councillor David Nunns (Conservative, Ilkley) said: “There have been too few changes given the strength of opinion and concerns raised by residents. We all want safer roads, but 143 speed cushions/tables is still excessive. What people have told me is they want measures targeted around schools and other roads where they are actually needed, such as a speed camera on Cowpasture Road. We will continue to push for further changes.”

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Independent, Ilkley) added: “The advertising of 20mph speed limit shows a complete disregard of the views of Ilkley residents and district councillors.

“Having gone through the motion of a public consultation the council has shown it was only playing lip service and going through the motions It has been a complete mockery. The public have were overwhelmingly opposed to hard traffic management on Ilkley roads. 20 mph restrictions are in the main welcome.

“At a meeting with Bradford Council officers, district councillors put forward various amendments including self-policing of 20 mph in various areas but also that a speed camera was necessary in Cowpasture Road.

“In my view the only thing to halt the “Speed Jonnies “ is to hit their pockets with fines.”

Councillor Andrew Loy (Conservative, Ilkley) commented: “It is very disappointing that the scheme has been legally advertised before the consultation results were even made public, which is something we have been requesting for weeks. In the circumstances, we had no choice but to publicise the results ourselves.

“I would encourage anyone who opposes any part of the scheme to object, as this is the last chance for your voice to be heard.”

Ilkley MP Robbie Moore said: “Despite overwhelming opposition to Labour-run Bradford Council’s plans to blanket our town with road humps - with 874 against the plans and only 82 in favour - Bradford Council have decided to push on regardless, riding roughshod over a local democratic process and ignoring the views of local residents.

As identified through Bradford Councils own consultation, local views are clear - these proposals are not right for Ilkley. We want targeted measures that will have a strong impact, not a wasteful, disruptive catch-all approach. I encourage residents who oppose the scheme to contact Bradford Council with their objections before the deadline.”

Bradford Council say the proposals are part of its plans to rollout 20mph zones focusing on urban centres and schools. 20 mph zones in Bradford and Shipley centres have already been successfully implemented as well as on streets around dozens of schools across the district.

The modern traffic calming measures of the kind that will be used in this scheme, focus on speed cushions and tables and are effective at reducing speeds to safer levels and are very different to the older style traditional 'speed bumps'.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: "Reducing speeds in built up areas makes them safer and more pleasant for residents and visitors alike.

“Consultation responses showed overwhelming support for reducing speed limits across Ilkley. They also showed that there is concern over the extent of the proposed traffic calming measures, which is why we’ve scaled back the traffic calming on a third of the sites. Department for Transport guidance states that where average speeds are above 24mph, a 20mph speed limit should be accompanied by traffic calming infrastructure so they can’t be removed completely while also retaining lower speed limits.

“Reducing speed limits without including measures to physically encourage drivers to slow down are largely ineffective, which is why the use of speed cushions is being promoted. We encourage people to make specific comment on the advertised order so we can further refine the scheme to suit the needs of Ilkley town.”

The full results of the consultation, which ran from 12th December 2022 to 17th January 2023, were as follows:

In favour of speed limit 414

In favour of traffic calming 15

In favour of both 67

Total in favour 496

Against speed limit 22

Against traffic calming 381

Against both 493

Total against 896

Residents now have until 12 noon on Friday 28 July 2023 to object to the plans by emailing quoting the following reference(s):

Road humps - CORP/PCD/DS/414370

Speed limit - CORP/PCD/DS/414368

Objections can also be posted to:

Director of Legal and Governance

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall




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