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Ilkley parking permits are now virtual

Bradford Council have now introduced virtual parking permits in Ilkley to replace the paper ones. These permits are electronic and can be identified by scanning the vehicle registration number plates and are widely used among local authorities.

The system is not live for residents permits yet, the council hope to have this up and running later this month. In the meantime they will honour any expired resident’s permits until 15 August 2020 to allow time for you to set up your permit account on the website.

The council have outlined the advantages of the virtual system:

  • environmental benefits of not producing paper permits

  • virtual permits cannot be copied or altered

  • permits cannot be lost or stolen

  • Penalty Charge Notices will no longer be issued when a driver has forgotten to display a permit or it has fallen from the windscreen

  • you can change any account details immediately

  • reminders will be sent before a permit expires

You need to set up a 'my permit account' before you will able to apply for a permit, this can be done ahead of the residents permits going live on the council website:

In February, when the council first announced plans for virtual permits, Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “Our new virtual permits system will be quicker, more convenient and more reliable than the older system. The new web-based will also dramatically reduce paper use.”

If you have any questions, parking services can be contacted by phone 01274 434300 or by email


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