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Permit needed to use Golden Butts Recycling Centre

Council staff at Golden Butts Household Waste Recycling Centre in Ilkley are again checking users of the facility are Bradford residents. Residents permits were introduced in 2013, with new green permits issued with council tax bills in 2017.

Ilkley Chat followers told us that they haven't been asked for a permit in many years, but more recently this has changed with site staff asking to see residents permits. Checks are needed to make sure Bradford Council are only paying to process the waste from its residents.

Dave Copeland the Waste Disposal Manager confirmed to Ilkley Chat that staff will be checking users of the facility have residents permit, adding:

'If a site user says they are a resident of Bradford and they don’t have a permit to prove that then the staff will ask to see a driving licence to clarify their address is in the Bradford district, but if they do not have anything to identify themselves and their address they will be refused the facility until they can produce a council tax bill with their driving licence, which on production of both the staff will re issue a residents permit.'

To confirm, if you have lost your permit or have moved to the area since 2017, another permit can be acquired by taking your council tax bill and driving licence (with same name and address) to Golden Butts or one of the other 7 Bradford HWRC sites.

More information about permits can be found on the Bradford Council website.


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