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Riverside group launches membership scheme

The Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks (FOIRP) have launched a membership scheme so the public can help support the fantastic work the group undertakes.

Since it’s inception in 2018 FOIRP has gone from strength to strength and what started as a group intent on maintaining the Park has progressed to providing significant improvements.

Chairman Ed Duguid explains: ‘We are proud to have delivered a number of improvements to the Park that enhance the area for local residents and visitors alike including the Memorial Flower Bed the Children's Playground and more recently the replacement of the Raised Flower Beds by the Riverside Hotel."

Plans are currently in place to further improve and plant the Embankment at the eastern end of the Riverside Gardens. A more detailed record of the work can be seen by joining the Facebook Group.

FOIRP is run and supported entirely by a small dedicated group of volunteers. They have various overheads including insurance and costs associated with banners/posters to advertise the activities in the Park such as the Playground Appeal. Moreover they also need to purchase equipment and materials including paint/varnish to undertake the activities. This all needs to be funded. They have successfully generated grants and funding in the past with support from local businesses/organisations but this cannot be guaranteed and further public support is required.

As Chairman Ed Duguid explains: "We have decided to introduce a Membership Scheme which will help to underpin the overheads and recurring costs the we have to meet. We have over 1100 participants on our Facebook Group so we know many of you are keen to see improvements to the Park. If the public were able to support our Membership Scheme with an annual payment of £10 for an individual or £15 for a family that would make a significant difference to our finances.

"As a member FOIRP have advised you do not have to become actively involved unless you would want to but you will be informed regularly about the ongoing activities in the Park and annually they conduct a General Meeting to which you will be invited. This will provide an opportunity to review the Groups finances and discuss directly with the Trustees what they have been doing and how they are spending the money raised.

"The process is very simple and straightforward and to sign up for membership via this link :

"By doing so you will know that you will be making a huge difference to the efforts of the Group.”


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