Tributes to Ilkley Man as he celebrates 20 Years of charity work

Ilkley Good Neighbours Trustee John Jewitt and Robbie Moore MP

An Ilkley man is celebrating his 20th anniversary working with local charity Good Neighbours.

When John Jewitt retired on medical grounds in May 2000 he felt bored and wondered what could occupy his future time. He decided to become a general charity volunteer with Ilkley Council for Voluntary Service and Good Neighbours, initially dealing with phone enquiries. Within a short period however John helped set up a community transport service with a mini-bus, and by 2002 it had grown to the point where it required a full-time manager, and two years later became a charity in its own right.

Over the next two decades John was involved, along with his charity trustee colleagues, with the development of a number of key community services which continue to help people today, including Shop Assist, and Befriending. He was chosen as Volunteer of the Year by Keighley and Ilkley Voluntary Community Action in 2012 for community involvement, and also served for five years as the Good Neighbours Chairman.

In 2003 John launched Grassroots, a practical help service that eventually became Homes and Gardens Assist, which he now oversees.